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Anthropology: ANT 498

This guide is designed to support Lincoln University's Anthropology courses


ANT 498 was created to provide students with a unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about the museum studies profession. Through their coursework and work with the staff at the Missouri State Museum, they will develop a specific project. The resources provided on this LibGuide will help students with their research towards that end project.

Primary Vs. Secondary Resources

In doing history research, you will need to know the difference between as well as how to use primary and secondary resources. Both types have been put on Reserve in Page Library for you to use.

Also available as an e-book, which you can access 24/7. Select link for Lincoln University.

There are audio files for some of the narratives as well as photographs online, here.

African American Open Access Primary Resources

An Example

Research is a lot like detective work, and doing research in African American history can be even more challenging. You know Black folks were there, but since they are often missing from the traditional history, one must do extra hunting and tease out the Black facts. To discover this interesting gem, I began with curiosity about Jefferson Barracks, which led to a booklet, Jefferson Barracks: A Celebration of the Citizen Soldier. Turning the pages looking for anything about African Americans, I came across a picture of a lone Black soldier; I was intrigued by the term "The Immunes" in the caption, wondering if Black soldiers had been thought "immune" to one of the diseases rampant in 1898, such as Yellow Fever or Cholera. Poking around a little more with different keyword searching turned up this fascinating audio file/article from NPR.

This is not an unusual experience in hunting for African American history.

Black Soldier 1898

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Other Useful Library Books

There are dozens of e-books in the catalog, which are accessible 24/7. Do a keyword search for "black lives matter" in the library catalog.