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Liberal Studies: Home

This libguide is designed to assist Liberal Studies students in gaining an understanding of their major

What is Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts is "home," to a variety of academic subjects. At Lincoln University the liberal arts include Journalism, Music and Social Work, among other topics. 

Library of Congress Classification

Page Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system to organize books by specific subjects.  The LC system uses an alphanumeric system that looks like this: "A 253 .B52 1997". To find books related to your topic, first search Arthur, the Page Library catalog. By doing a Subject or Keyword search you will find a variety of titles that relate to your topic, but a Keyword search may not give you sources directly related to your chosen search terms. If you know the title of the source you are looking for, you could opt for the "Exact Title" search to save yourself some time.

Many sources related to Liberal Arts will be located downstairs (in the general collection) in these sections:  "M", "PN", and "HV" sections, though titles may be found in almost any section.  Also, many Liberal Arts related titles will be government documents. These can be found both upstairs and on the main floor. These are organized using SuDoc which looks like this: "A 93.73/2:94"

For more information about finding books, journal articles, etc. please click around this LibGuide!


Click on the blue tabs above to  find information on how to find articles and books about different topics.  There is also a citation tab to assist with creating citations.  Remember, if you need any assistance, please let us know.  We are all here to aid the learning process!

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Professional Organizations

Listed below are some professional organizations within the field of Liberal Arts.  Important information, current trends, and news can be found at each of the organization's websites.


Links to the answers for many frequently asked questions!