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Copyright and Fair Use : Start Here

A guide for LU students, faculty, and staff regarding U.S. copyright law and fair use. Please reach out to us for a consultation if needed.

Copyright and Fair Use

Not sure if you can post an article or book chapter on Canvas for your class? Want to show a movie to your class or on campus?

In higher education, the terms copyright and fair use are heard often. However, they are often misunderstood. These two aspects of U.S. law lay out what we are allowed to do with the works of others.

Below you will find the Digital Copyright Slider, which is a great shorthand tool for determining the public domain status of a given text. If something is not in the public domain, you may consider whether you can share or display your desired item under fair use. See our page on "What is Fair Use?"

Warning: Fair use is a legal defense, not a right under the law. Seek out legal advice from the university lawyer if you are unsure whether your use falls under fair use.

We've created pages that dive more deeply into each aspect of copyright and fair use.

Digital Copyright Slider - Check Copyright Status by Year

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