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Let’s Talk About It: Making Sense of the American Civil War is a scholar-led reading and discussion program for public audiences
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January 1 Affair near Helena
January 2 Skirmishes, Cane Hill, White Springs
January 4-6 Scout from Ozark Mountains to Dubuque
January 4-11 Expedition against Arkansas Post
January 9-12 Expedition from Huntsville to Buffalo River
January 10 Skirmish, Carrollton
January 10-11 Engagement and capture, Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post
January 12 Skirmishes, Frog Bayou and Lick Creek near Helena
January 13 Reconnaissance to White River and St. Charles
January 13-19 Expedition from Helena up White River
January (?) Skirmish near Maysville
January 14-15 Expedition to South Bend, Arkansas River
January 15 Skirmishes, Mound City and Clarendon Road near Helena
January 16 Skirmish, Devall's Bluff, Des Arc,
January 18 Occupation of Des Arc
January 23-27 Scout from Fayetteville to Van Buren
January 25 Skirmish, Pope County
January 26 Skirmish, Mulberry Springs
February 2-3 Skirmishes, Vine Prairie and mouth of Mulberry River
February 4 Skirmish, Batesville
February 5 Skirmishes, Fort Smith, Pope County
February 5-12 Scout from Fayetteville to Arkansas River
February 6 Skirmish, Thelkeld's Ferry
February 8-10 Scout from Elkhorn to Bentonville
February 10 Skirmish near Van Buren
February 12 Skirmish, Frong Bayou
February 15 Skirmish, Arkadelphia
February 19 Skirmish, Cypress Bend
February 19 Burning of Hopewell
February 20 Skirmish, Bentonville
Feb 24-Apr 8 Expedition from Helena to Yazoo Pass by Moon Lake, Yazoo Pass, and Coldwater and Tallahatchie Rivers
March 2 Skirmish, Carrollton
March 4 Skirmish, Yellville
March 5 Skirmish, Fort Smith
March 5-12 Expedition from Helena up St. Francies and Little Rivers
March 6 Skirmish, White River
March 6-10 Expedition from Helena to Big and Little Creeks and Skirmishes
March 9 Skirmishes, Madison, Chalk Bluff
March 15 Skirmish, Chalk Bluff
March 22 Skirmishes, Washington and near Head of White River
Mar 29-Apr 5 Scouts from Fayetteville
March 30 Skirmish, Cross Hollow
March 31 Skirmish, Clapper's Saw Mill, Crooked Creek
April 1 Skirmishes, Chalk Bluff and near Clarendon
April 4 Skirmishes, Madison, Carroll County
April 8 Skirmishes, St. Charles, St. Francis County
April 9 Skirmish, White River
April 18 Action, Fayetteville
April 26 Action, White River
April 26 Skirmishes, Elm Springs, Jackson
May 1 Skirmish, Chalk Bluff
May 1 Action, La Grange
May 2 Skirmish, Chalk Bluff
May 6-15 Scout to White and St. Francis Rivers
May 11 Skirmishes, Mount Vernon, Crowley's Ford
May 12 Skirmish, Taylor's Creek
May 15 Skirmish, Fort Smith
May 21-30 Scout from Cassville, through Northwest Arkansas to Newton and Jasper Counties, Missouri
May 22 Skirmish, Bentonville
May 23-26 Expedition from Helena to Napoleonville
May 25 Skirmish, Polk's Plantation near Helena
June 4 Skirmish, Fayetteville
June 11 Scout to Jacksonport
June 14 Skirmish, Newton County
June 15 Skirmish, Fayetteville
June 16 Skirmish, Grand Lake
June 22 Skirmish, Bentonville
June 25 Skirmish, Madison
June 28 Skirmish, Gaines' Landing
July (?) Skirmish near Cross Hollow
July (?) Expedition from Greensborough to Helena
July 4 Attack on Helena (Holmes')
July 25 Skirmish, Brownsville
July 30 Skirmish, Elm Springs
Aug 1-Sept 14 Expedition against Little Rock (Steele's)
August 3-8 Scout to Yellville
August 3-16 Expedition up White and Little Red Rivers
August 14 Engagement, West Point, White River
August 15 Skirmish, Bentonville
August 16 Skirmish, Harrison's Landing
August 17 Skirmish, Grand Prairie
August 22-23 Actions, Pocahontas
August 23 Skirmish, Fayetteville
August 24 Skirmish, Pocahontas
August 25 Engagement, Brownsville
August 26 Skirmish near Bayou Meto
August 27 Action, Bayou Meto or Reed's Bridge
August 29 Reconnaissance from Brownsville
August 30 Skirmishes, Washington, Shallow Ford, Bayou Meto
August 31 Capture of Fort Smith
September 1 Action, Devil's Back Bone, Back Bone Mountain, Fort Smith
September 1 Skirmishes, Cotton Gap, Jenny Lind
September 1 Occupation of Fort Smith
September 2 Skirmish near Shallow Ford
September 4-5 Skirmishes, Bentonville, Flint Creek, Hog Eye and Round Prairie
September 5 Skirmish near Maysville
September 7 Skirmishes, Ashley's Mills, Bear Skin Lake or Ferry Landing
September 7-30 Expedition to Big Lake, Mississippi County
September 9 Skirmish, Dardanelle
September 10 Engagement, Bayou Fourche and capture of Little Rock
September 11-13 Pursuit of Price
September 11 Skrimishes, Waldron and near Little Rock
September 12 Skirmishes, Dardanelle and near Brownsville
September 16 Skirmish, Brownsville
September 23 Skirmish, Bayou Meto Bridge
September 27 Skirmish, Moffatt's Station
October 1 Skirmish, Elizabethtown
October 2 Skirmish, Vance's Store
October 6 Skirmish, Fort Balir, Waldron
October 7 Skirmishes, Ferry's Ford, Evening Shade
October 7-10 Scout to Spring River County
October 10 Skirmish, Tulip
October 11-14 Demonstration against Fayetteville
October 12 Affair, McGuire's
October 24 Skirmish, Buffalo Mountain
October 25 Skirmish, Pine Bluff
October 26 Johnson County and Francis Road, Helena
October 27 Skirmish, Tulip
October 28 Skirmish, Clarksville
October 29 Skirmish, Ozark
November 2 Skirmish, Bate's Township
November 7-13 Expedition from Batesville to Frog Bayou
November 8 Skirmish, Clarksville
November 9 Skirmish near Huntsville
November 10 Skirmish near Kingston
November 10-18 Expedition from Bento to Mt. Ida
November 11 Skirmishes, Caddo Gap, Fourche le Aix Mts
November 12 Skirmish, Roseville
November 13 Skirmish, Mount Ida
November 14-17 Expedition from Helena
November 15 Skirmish, Newton County
November 19 Skirmish, DeGreen's Farm near Lawrenceville
November 21 Skirmish, Jacksonport
November 24 Skirmish, Clarksville
November 25 Skirmish, Crawford County
December 1 Skirmishes, Crawford County and near Benton
December 2-7 Scout from Waldron to Mount Ida, Caddo Gap and Dallas
December 4 Skirmish, Caddo Gap
December 9-14 Scout from Waldron down Dutch Creek
December 11-13 Scout from Waldron to Dallas
Skirmishes, Devall's Bluff, Merriweather Ferry, Bayou Boeuf
December 14 Skirmish, Caddo Mill
December 15 Skirmish, Clarksville
December 16-31 Scout from Fayetteville
December 23 Skirmishes, Jacksonport and Stroud's Store
December 25 Skirmish, Buffalo River
December 26 Skirmish, Barronsville, Searcy County
Dec 26-Jan 2 Scout from Forsythe to Batesville
December 29 Skirmish, Waldron
December 31 Skirmish, Searcy County

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